Budgeted Party

Outstanding, unique and memorable dreamed party are not easy to held. Even harder when this "budgeted" appears after those adjective words. But, harder doesn't mean impossible! "Creativity" and "Extra effort" will take you closer to your dream. Maybe can not get all, but for sure, you can have one or two *like I do

Oh, you should also have the guts of gambler. We know that "not all pricey things equal to satisfaction" so do "not all budgeted are lame". So, be smart in deciding vendors. Learning from my experience, bride and groom to be, if you have time, do it yourself. Tiring but the result are (very) satisfying *I'm open for consultation :P

Like every other girls, I do have some ego about my big day, which are:
A real wedding cake instead of stack of styrofoam
Dont wanna waste amount of Rupiahs on invitation card, which end up as domestic waste after a few glance.
Wanna have a photo corner to capture all my quests

My wishlist may a lil bit different then others bride-to-be's. But, thats what I want. And, I try my best to get it no matter what. Well, some replacement and substitution can do, as long its "still the same" *at my very subjective perspective ^^ First two are checked with no extra expense. The last one haven't decided yet *crossing fingers to have it

My budgeted party are going to be start in not more then two weeks, yet still have couples things on list. Another crossing fingers!
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Wish me luck!




good luck! everything will be just fine. and if something went wrong on the big day, just laugh about it. at that time, what else can you do? you can either laugh and be happy, or let it ruin your day :)

Ling Oct 2, 2011, 11:18:00 PM

noted! gonna do exactly what u said ^^

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