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Kunjungan Pertama

Kunjungan pertama ke negeri Singa. Bosan dengan Merlion, bergaya dengan latar landmark lainnya.

Belated Birthday

Love my super understanding girl. 
She has such a soft and warm heart. Very sensitive to her surroundings. 

This pic was taken a couple weeks after her sixth birthday. We cancelled her 6th birthday celebration because she lost her grandpa. Only with one explanation, and then she accepted it. 

This sushi platter was supposed to be ordinary sushi we ordered for dinner. When we were about to eat it, 

"Mama, can we light a candle?. I want to take a picture and blow the candle". 
Voila! Birthday dinner for our little one.
Happy belated birthday dear. Love you to the moon and back. I am so proud of you.