Ugly Head

Ladies and gentleman.. No matter how excited or into the movie you are. Please, please, please don't do this at theater!
Sitting in that position? Hello, you're not in a seminar. Sofa was designed so you can relax and lay back. Otherwise, they'll use a classroom chair!

It's super sucks, to be the super unlucky person of the day, who sit right behind you. Your pretty ugly head are not welcome at all. Nobody need an extra silhouette on that big screen. Well, two or three glance for entire show still acceptable. More than that, be prepared for a shocking-seat-effect.

Me was the second super unlucky person on theater of June 28th. Sat next to the super unlucky person of that day. If its not because of that was a family movie time, it would be an extra show on that theater.

If you somehow face the same situation like I do or worse, you can try my "how to cut unwanted head silhouette from screen" tips. Simply send some shocking-seat effect. It works at my cases. I got my ugly-head-free screen after that.

Oh, please use some "patient" before launching your kick. I spend more than 15 minutes sharing screen with that head before sending its owner a shocking-seat-effect ^^ Really, its sucks to have that kind of experience. So, please... Don't do that sitting position at theater.



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