Hoka-hoka Bento: Agenda 2013

Yeay! Its already D-3 till I use this new agenda from Hoka-Hoka Bento! ^^

Hoka-hoka Bento's 2012 agenda introduce us to Kokeshi, a popular dolls originate from Tohoku, northern Japan. In this upcoming year, we will learn another Japanese's culture, Kabuki.

Kabuki is Japanese's traditional theatre, where its actors wear a super thick makeup while on stage. Each actor will have a different makeup and costume according to their role.

In reality, I think all of us are not much different then those characters played by the Kabuki actors. We also have a "thick makeup" on our face and playing our role on our daily life.

Simple sample. We play a "smart and hard worker" role at our job interview. Hiding the "ugly and bad tempered" part of us at our date. We hide our true self behind those makeup, and reveal it only for who are close to us.

Hmmm, seems that the first version of "don't judge the book by its cover" might be "don't judge people by their face" :P



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