3rd 15

3rd year after the vow.

No anniversary cake and no candle light dinner. In return, we, -me, him, mom, sis and Onga- go to Ikea :P And, the very first thing we looking for, food court! Far far away from a romantic anniversary.

Our picks of the day, Ikea's meetball, poached Salmon, grill chicken, chicken wings, salad, mushroom soup, spaghetti, and slice of cheese cake. From what we've try, we recommend meetball, mushroom soup and chicken wing!

8.30 pm, we start the real "visit Ikea" with one goal, Onga's bathtub, and found one. Yeay! Finally. Neutral color, with silicon anti slip, and perfect size. Not to big and not to small :)

At the end, we only end up with Onga's bathtub, desklamp for me and stackable container for mom. Have to pick up my cousin at airport. Definitely will be back for another visit Ikea ^^

Overall, its not a bad deal to change our date with family date.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, dear Kamu!



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