Chocolate Mug Brownie

Resep brownies praktis! Easy and yummy..

Opsi 1

Chocolate Mug Brownie

4 tbsp Flour
4 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Cocoa powder
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil *don't use one with a strong flavor, eg olive, sesame, etc
2 tbsp Water
Dash of salt

How To:
Add the sugar, flour, cocoa, and salt to the mug and mix. Then add the oil and water and mix the dry and wet ingredients together. Be sure to be thorough, there's a tendency for clumps of the dry ingredients to form
Microwave on high for roughly a minute. You may have to microwave it longer or shorter, depending on your microwave, but the brownie should still be wet in the center when done.

Opsi 2

5 Min Cake

4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
2 tbsp whisked egg *1 egg is too much! 1 egg white is too eggy, 1 yolk is too dense
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil
3 tbsp chocolate chips
splash vanilla or other flavoring - try peppermint or cinnamon
*For a fudge-ier version, omit egg!

How To:
Add all of the dry ingredients to the mug and mix.
Add the egg and combine well. It gets pretty pasty at the point.
Stir in milk and oil.
Add chocolate chips* and splash of vanilla. Stir well.
*if you don't have chocolate chips, try a broken up candy bar - I can't stress how much this amps the awesomeness of your cake
Microwave for 3 minutes in a 1000w oven, or 4 minutes in a 700w oven.
resep dapat dari situ masakan luar. lupa nama web-nya :(

Gue nyobain yang Chocolate Mug Brownie *lupa foto, langsung dilahap si Kamu Dan, gue lebih suka sama Chocolate Melt Brownies. Mungkin karena minyak yang dipakai, jadi ada bau-bau minyak sayur gitu. Nanti mau coba dengan menggunakan lelehan margarin atau menambahkan vanili untuk menghilangkan bau minyak sayur tersebut ^^

Happy Cooking..



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