Its Friday! ^^

Its Friday. I LOVE that words! After that long and sucks working on Saturday period, it is my first friday night hangout where I feels totally free, no burden at all about tomorrow. Its really really different! My mood saved from those tomorrow I have to work thoughts when I having a time with friends or family.

Talking about work, I had end my unemployed time and working at an online payment gateway company for a week. And, the best part about the job is work five days per week plus a flexible working hour. Hehehe..

Well, new job means adjusting with new environment, have to blend with the new company's culture, learn fast about the product knowledge, catch up with the on going project's issues and many more things. Still make myself working on it. Hop hop hop!

Back to Its Friday, I just had a great great time with my cousins and their partner at Cheesecakes Factory, Tomang. Good food and a nice place to hangout. Love the pastas, cakes, and terrace! ^^

Really enjoyed our time there, sharing stories, serious talk, telling jokes, laughing, gossiping, and tossing for the belated new year. The one and only one bad part about it is we forgot to take pictures! I'll be back!! Fully equipped.. Hehe



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