Stupid Mouse!

Arghh!! This stupid mouse make me sick! Its only three months since I bought it, now crash! I have to push it repeatedly every time I want to use the "right click" function.

Oh my, three months?!! Its quality have no different with some Chinese anon brand mouse which only cost 1/3 of it. What the heck!

Grrr.. Its me having my bad luck on electronic or Logitec having problem with its quality check? Very disappointed and unease for this stupid incident.
Planning to smash it!!



-Tess- Oct 9, 2010, 10:52:00 AM

thats too bad.
I got a microsoft one in 2006, and it still works perfectly.
and it was only 60RMB at that time :D

Ling Oct 11, 2010, 9:02:00 PM

mine was IDR 150K! T_T

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