Its been a while since my last post. Eleven days!! *my fav number. So, here is today's post..

The lack of post is because I'm kind a busy lately.
  1. Office
  2. My new activity *lets call it lil business which is very time consuming. And..
  3. Facebook game!

  1. Ehmmm.. Good news from my first client, we are going to start the production.
  2. Having second pitching, come from Kamu's friend. Its pin.
  3. Having third pitching, come from friend, pen. Waiting for the reply.
  4. Having fourth pitching, T-shirt. Its come from a non profit organization. Working on it and crossing finger to hear the "YES"
  5. Request for two pieces of biking cloths. Try my best to work on it.
  6. Got new phone. And find out that the promo is creative. New wave marketing for blackberry. Explore later :)
  1. Happy for friend who got her fiancee visa!!! Congrats yah Tess!! Really happy for you!! A lil bit envy on your big big happiness.. Wish me find mine soon, too yah! ^__^
  2. Got another happy news from another friend. And, really happy for it!

It is great if we know that our friends and family are happy! So, have a HAPPY DAY!!



-Tess- May 2, 2010, 7:26:00 AM

thank you so much, Tang !!
u will have yours sooner than you thought :)

thanx so much !! :)

PS : verification wordnya : RESSE *believe it or not !*

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