30 September

Today is my little sis 21st birthday!
Happy birthday sis!
Love you!
Wish you all the best!!

We have no plan for today. Intentionally not planning any plan. Why? I wrote about it earlier, here.

Ehmm.. okay, one little plan actually. I planned to bought some sliced cheese cakes before going home. But, when i am on the way, sis called and asked me to bought her some food, any kind. Moms is at Ketapang to attends uncles birthday, so there is no cooking activity at home :P

Have no idea, i came home with empty hand. When sis asked about the food, "eat outside" idea pops up. Yeah, we are going to Sushitei.. And sis named about Tutti Frutti.

I am still bathing when Kamu arrived. Sis turn her computer off. I get myself ready then we went to Emporium Pluit, and straight to Sushitei! Hehehe

In the name of hunger, without wasting any minutes we start to pick from the menu. This one. That one. One this and one that.. Here is the first round! Hehe.. We still remember to take a picture :P

-Sushitei EP, 1st Round-
Too busy with our sushi, we totally forgot about taking another pic!
Food vs Pic = Food! :D

After about an hour, we paid then left. Walked around the mall, stuck a while at Gramedia. Ehm.. quite a while actually :P And I bought a spidol, permanent one, there. After spending another more or less an hour, we left Gramedia and came for Tutti Frutti.

First round at Tutti Frutti, two cups @ 200 gr. Me and Kamu, sis herself. 15 mins later, sis ask for another, @ 200 gr, cup! Hehe.. I do helped her at the extra cup.. Ckckckckck.. Then, going home! ^^

Lets call it a Happy happy happy Day! :D



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